Some help please:

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Some help please:

Post by dark_soldier »

I have a couple of areas that I would like to improve upon with my SC30, any help or advice would be appreciated.

Clutch: my bite point is at the very end of the lever travel, too far away from the grip for my liking. The line is rubber, I intend to change this for braided, fit span adjustable levers and change the clutch plates for new - is there anything else that I can do to move the bite point to the centre of the lever travel?

Cold start rattle: my engine sounds a bit rough upon cold start, OK when warm, is this normal? I intend to start with balancing the carbs, setting valve clearances, checking cam chain and tensioner and a thorough service, anything else I should consider?
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Re: Some help please:

Post by richardpeters »

Could be clutch a bit worn as these are hydraulic lever further out usually equals a bit of wear. Bleeding the current system can help, did on mine although at 50K it's starting to wear a bit.

Cam chain rattle at start up very normal. Usually the tensioner so when warmed up it goes. You can live with it if you can live with the noise! If it doesn't go away then it's more likely the cam chain itself. I got this done on mine eventually from Honda, around £450 after replacing the cam chain myself it turned out the tensioner was shot.
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Re: Some help please:

Post by CB_Phil »

You can save a full rebuild for a time with using EBC 10% stiffer springs. Not a long term solution, but does the trick until your ready to go at it
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