CB1300 exhaust?

Any info on replacement exhausts?
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CB1300 exhaust?

Post by dark_soldier »

Would anyone happen to know whether the headers from the Honda CB1300 would fit the SC30? In particular the air cooled version with the 4 into 2 exhaust - that would look great!

Are there any other headers that fit? Mine have a scrape and tear at the bottom of number 2 line.
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Re: CB1300 exhaust?

Post by David »

Yes it does, straight fit.

It’s not an air cooled btw, they’re fake cooling fins.

It’s the SC40 you need to search for. Not sure if you’ll be able to keep the centre stand and you’d need to fabricate something for the left hand can mount.

Got one if you need measurements (the bike that is, not just exhaust.
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Re: CB1300 exhaust?

Post by CB_Phil »

CBR1000F Jelly mold is the same motor, so that's an option.
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